New, undescribed Macedonian buff?

Hi guys,

is it possible that Macedonians have received a new buff but it is not described anywhere?

So far I thought the civ sucked, but I played them to get the Hoplite trophy.
Anyway, I noticed that the villagers are suddenly ■■■■■■■ fast. It wasn’t like this before.
Does anyone know anything about that?

Many greetings.

All villagers now move faster by default.
Not sure of what you stated since I don’t played with them yet, but they should move at the norma speed no?

Mm… So of course I know from the buff and I’m not one hundred percent sure, but they still seem to me to be much faster than the others.

No. What happened is that with the new update, all civs receive a speed increase when going to Tool.

I created a splitscreen. Sorry, but it’s faster the way it feels to me.

They are not. Here is proof for you. Greek(normal speed), Mace, and Assyrian(fast speed) villager race. Here is the finish line shot:


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Lol, thanks. Thats crazy.

So it’s a bug. It should not be like that. Macedonia has already many bonus.

Yea they have a lot of bonuses, but I think that War Elephants being affected by the extra PA of academy units could nice thematically.

There is no bug, mace vils are the same speed as other slow vil civs.