New unit ideas

So, I was thinking of a few extra units to offer new tactical opportunities.

The Saboteur/spy/agent/assassin: This is a unit that has an extremely slow attack speed, with a fairly high attack. This unit also has a custom interaction with markets. The spy costs 250 gold to produce. When the spy enters a market, it destroys 500 gold from the enemy stockpile. Entering a market destroys the spy. A spy can one hit most other unmounted units. It deals roughly 90 damage per hit to units, but only 1 damage per hit to structures. The spy’s attack takes 30 seconds to recharge. Clicking on a market causes the custom interaction, and it if a spy has attacked a unit, it will take 30 seconds to be able to interact with the market.

The diplomat: This unit can target any town center. If a diplomat enters a town center, it will cause the player who owns the town center to turn neutral to the player who owned the diplomat for 1 minute. Diplomats count as villagers. This will prevent villagers being auto attacked by towers and military units. In addition, the diplomat causes an AI to offer the player a mission to give resources in order to become an ally if the AI does not already have an ally.

The Shaman: This is a religious unit that is given to civilizations that have a history of shamanistic practices. Shamans are units that bring spiritual enlightenment, deal with the ancestor spirits, and are basically the real life equivalent of magic users. And yes, shamans exist irl. No, they don’t have magic powers, but people believe they do, and belief does weird things. Anyways, shamans have a few interactions. If you click on a friendly structure, the shaman will chant. While the shaman is chanting, the vision range of the structure will increase by 1. If you click on a friendly unit, the shaman will heal them, just like a monk. If you click on an enemy unit, the shaman will chant. A successful shaman chant against an enemy unit results in them committing suicide as if the heresy tech were researched. Shamans regen their faith 50% faster than monks, shaman chants are considered conversions, and shaman conversions have a 50% higher chance to occur than normal conversions against units. Shaman chants have a 50% less likely chance to occur against structures.
Who gets shamans?

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I think Shaman take part in the game. They should be mounted healing monk with weaker scout statistics but they won’t conversion ability. Their cost can be 90f 40g. Historically, only Shamans had medical knowledge. I don’t know any cleric is medical other than Shamans.

I would like some game mechanic reason for a player to make like… 20 shamans, and then stand them in a circle and have them chanting for a long time.

I would prefer to induce the enemy unit to a temporsry bad state like refice armor to 0, or speed reducing, or bad RoF