New Unit: Spy

What about add an Spy unit, with low HP, LOS like a vil, speed lil more than a vil, no attack, but it has some special abilities:

-It is invisible from almost all units except “defensive” ones (I though skirms, pikes and scouts, and another spy).
-When a enemy building is in its LOS you can see what the building has garrisoned , producing or researching.
-This isn`t very special, but you could stay alert when the enemy unit cross a door and keep it open for your rush

It would be available from Feudal in TC and would cost idk 50F 50G, and TT 35 sec.

Some civs could have bonus or UTs refer to this unit.

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So it’s basically an invisible moving outpost that can only be countered by trash units smh and defensive buildings. Which age are you going to make this unit available? What about the cost? What’s the tech requirement? Does they have any base MA and PA? Can its line of sight being upgraded? What’s its initial line of sight? How about its moving speed?

If you have answers of all of those questions in mind, I think the discussion would go even more interesting.

Oh and how cost effective it would be compared to literally the tech with the same name at castle in imp?

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I think that, if any units were to added in the game for everyone, it should be more Infantry units, which is the class with the least options.



A scout is a moving outpost, not the spy. The spy should have a short LOS and low speed, but could collect mucho more information that a scout. Do you understand me?
I will only answer the question which answer you don’t read in the initial post hahah.
It has no armor base. Yes, its LOS could be upgraded. Maybe Town Watch and Town Patrol could do it, idk. I just posting the raw idea for discussion. How would you answer your own question of this units?

They are different things, one it is a unit with great micro requeriments. THe other it is a tech mostly use it to find the last vils in games that are already defined

I agree, and I would like a maceman trash unit, you can make a post about it. But please focus on the thread topic

The game does not need more Trash units at all.

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Ok, My Lord…

I do not think it is a bad idea, but it may a bit tricky to implement in a good way.

I do not think the spy should be invisible to the enemy, rather I think it should appear to the enemy as one of his own units (say, a villager or whatever…stats are still the spy’s one). If the enemy clicks on it or try to control it, he will immediately realize that the unit is a spy.

That said, even in that case, there needs to be a better way to get rid of spies in the later stages of the game, as having to use defensive behavior feels very clunky to me. Perhaps a tech to spot them automatically, like an added effect to town watch?

I think there is potential in this idea, but it’s really tricky to implement properly in the game.

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I think I saw this one from planned units/mechanics. I suggest waiting for Age of Empires 4; Age of Empires 2 is done, just unique units/techs and civilizations can be added.

There was planned 6 type of resources and offmap trading. They changes the game completely.

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So like the one Realms Mod has for Viets?

I saw an assasin unit in Portuguese Civ mod with similar abilities. I think is not so edgy to be implemented

It’s certainly possible in the engine, Galactic Battlegrounds has invisible units (until they attack) and special detector units.

I’m not sure I personally would enjoy it a lot as an addition to AoE2, especially if they are available early. But it’s a thing that has been done before.


Most of planned mechanics possible and you can edit/enable them to unit/building in advanced genie editor. Like Kidnapping(tested) and Offmap Trade(at least tried I am terrible at using genie editor). Resources from attacking (Keshiks got this one). But they are buggy (except Keshiks).

I think having invisible units in AOE2 is just a fundamentally bad idea, regardless of the stats.

Invisible units add micro load. There is enough to do in AOE2. Even pro’s have enough to do, certainly after the dark age. This means that adding invisible units (combined with adding spotter units) takes away from other aspects of AOE, and those other aspects are what make AOE2 fun (for me).


Invisible and spotter units work best in games where the setting has most combat at range, like Command & Conquer, because invisible units become much easier to balance there.

In a game like AoE2, where a lot of civs are mostly Melee based, it would be a nightmare to balance.

this could be really game-breaking on closed maps, where an invisible Spy would hold the gate open, or smth.

Cool concept, but might be hard to balance.

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Jedi Masters in SWGB work without bugs actually.

The spy wouldn’t have attack ability. Just… spying. What do yo need to balance?

It could hold gates open, and information is very powerful, which is why the Spies tech is so expensive.

And useless…