New units Bactrian camels

I don’t yet know what stats they’ll have or which civilizations will have access but Im thinking about :


  • Mongols
  • Cumans
  • One of the Indian civ ?


  • Low damage
  • Slower than other camels/cav
  • Less bonus vs cavalry than other camels
  • Higher vision
  • More HP and hiegher pierce armore resist than other camels
  • Producing a bit gold (Because they were used on the Silk Roads to transport goods. However, they were also sometimes used for military purposes).
  • Making siege units go slightly faster

Let’s tell they gonna be between a camel and an elephant but closer to a camel.

They were use like scoots in altitude because they can live very high. And also for material supply on the military ground.

We already have them as mamlukes.

Mamluks were not Bactrian camels at all. They used another race of camel.

That is true but ingame they look like that.

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The Heavy Camel Rider also seems to use a Bactrian camel after being upgraded. That being said, the unit line could maybe be split.

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Yeah they are kind similar. Bactrian camels are huge and hairy. Slower than other camels and very resistant.

Yes it could. Yes, it could, but with a minimum of historical consistency, only for Central Asia civs and Indian (I don’t know which one, the one closer to mountains).

We need Bactrian camels for Silk Road civilizations as trade cart equivalent.