NEW unlimited resource bug

Chinese pagoda should allow 1 relic to be put in each pagoda, up to a maximum of 3.

Today I rushed all the relics on the map and managed to garrison them all in a single pagoda (accidentally) and was generating nearly 1k res per minute for stone, wood and food

You can duplicate this by selecting all your relic holding monks to garrison the relics in one click

It should work normally, only placing a single relic inside.

If you click again, with all the monks selected(or even just the empty handed one)… it will remove the relic from the pagoda, giving it back to the empty handed monk.

If you then click it a third time with all the relic holding monks, it will garrison all the relics generating a tonne of resources

I further tested and found that even though I already had multiple relics inside, I couldn’t seperately add more, however I could remove them all and add more as long as all the relic holding monks are assigned to put the relic in the pagoda in a single click.

I could also still build 2 more pagodas and use them normally.


Nice find. At least they not duplicating the relics!

Related to pagodas, does 30 gold a minute (for having all 3) in taxes seem reasonable? Seemed low for their final age 4 building requiring 2 age 4 landmarks.

Guess the problem of Rus relic duplication bug is related to this. Something about processing simultaneous actions of Monks is bugged, not just Rus monasteries

Thanks @Yellowaoe! We are aware and working on a fix. Appreciate the report!