New Update Makes Game Unplayable

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  • **GAME BUILD #:77209 Version: 101.102.11673.0
  • **GAME PLATFORM:**Microsoft Store
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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After update, the game only runs at 1-2 FPS for xbox and for PC.

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play game after update.

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If the bug not there, the game runs flawlessly at 60+fps

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i can confirm this issue aswell.

both myself and my friend cannot play any form of coop / multiplayer games without constant game stutter from it running at like 5 FPS on Xbox series X.

single player works just fine but anything to do with playing with other people is unplayable at the moment.


If it ain’t broke dont fix it.
Well thanks Dev team. You broke it.

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Xbox series S aswell


this is BRUTAL the lag now is worse . in big battles ive expirenced some lag and i though hmm maybe it will get better over time. the update just made this game UNplayable 100% can we get a fix… did nobody on the AOE team load the game up after the update? …

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Cannot play online above 5 FPS on xbox series x, reverse this patch!

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Got the same issue on series S and also a friend on PC.

Same issues here on Xbox One, after update multiplayer games runs like 2 fps,

Having the same issue here - multiplayer for my friend and I (I’m on PC, he’s on Xbox) unplayable at 1 FPS.

Same issues FPS is terrible and seemingly only on multiplayer

I got an enhanced graphics patch as part of this update.What exactly did the patch “Fix” because the game was fine before this choppy unplayability

The enhanced graphics pack was there before, you can disable from Steam-Library-DLC and inside the game. The stuttering came with an issue with the update, that’s why there was a rollback to the previous version.