New update makes Mongols toothless

By reducing the health of the cavalry units the new update has effectively stripped the Mongol civilization of it’s competitiveness.

The Mongol civilization relies heavily on a cavalry rush especially since the use of defensive structures is extremely limited. You cannot build walls with the Mongols and the outposts are a joke compared to archery towers of other civilizations. The Mongol civilization relies heavily on its early horsemen to even the playing field. Also, the strength of its late game horsemen helps it to overcome the fortifications of other civilizations. Without these perks the Mongols are toothless.

Also, on a historic note the Mongols were a cavalry-based civilization, they did not employ infantry units in their armies. They conquered on horseback and ruled on horseback. On the rare occasions that the Mongols did employ infantry units they were often soldiers from captive subjugated nations. These foot soldiers were used as canon fighter not as part of the main Mongol army.

Until the latest update I never built a barracks when I played as the Mongols. The infantry units were not necessary to pursue a total victory. I really enjoyed that you could play as these nomadic warriors with historical authenticity. Before the update the Mongols could remain true to their roots by being a purely cavalry civilization.

If you must defang the rest of the civilizations, please give the Mongols back their competitive edge.


I sympathise with you. I only play Mongols myself. The horsemen nerf though made me make scouts instead. I’ve found them even more effective. Start off with dark age 2xscout rush from ovoo. You can make more of them faster as they are cheaper than horsemen. They have the same torch damage. They are just as capable of burning down your opponent’s gold mine/ driving their villagers off resources. With this many scouts you’ll get map control too as you can scout the entire map. You can then research professional scouts as soon as you hit feudal and pick up all the deer on the map and bring them back, including your opponent’s deer patch. You’ll be gathering food faster than your opponent, have eyes all over the map and have disrupted his early economy. He may have even over compensated with spears and you punish him by transitioning straight in to archers from feudal onwards. You should be hitting castle/imperial before him this way.


Awesome advice. Thank you! I’ll be trying these tactics out for sure. I was almost ready to give up on the game. I don’t have much interest in just sending infantry units out. The new update makes the horsemen useless. Not really getting the bang for your buck. They cost way too much and die too quickly.

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They are literally the strongest civ in the game in every map except for closed ones


Maybe you’re already doing it but here is what I do most games. Try to put your town centre between some wood and gold. If there’s no gold near wood just put it next to wood or between wood and food. Before my TC is even placed I send every villager except one to chop wood near where my TC will be. At the same time I’m using my khan to scout around the immediate area for sheep to bring back to TC. The villager I didn’t send straight to wood is making an ovoo immediately. When TC is up I put queue up as many vills as I can immediately and rally point them on to wood. The vill making the ovoo will go to a nearby tree for a bit. When I have 150 wood I immediately make a stable next to ovoo with him and move all the vills on wood on to sheep. He will also go to sheep once made stable. This way I’ve got the stable and ovoo up as quick as possible and I make sure no drop in vill production. Pretty soon after this I should have enough food to start making 2x scout and also constant vills. I maybe go to about 6 scouts max before hitting feudal. The scouts are going to harass enemy base that I should locate soon after or just before first 2 scouts are out. So I’ll have 8 vills on food and the rest going to wood. If the gold is right there besides TC then you can just put 2 on the gold after first 2 on wood. Otherwise put 2 to gold as soon as got 100 for ger next to gold. Your opponent may hit feudal just before you but you’ll likely get castle/imp before him because of stuff I described in previous post.


One big reason mongol players go infantry is because they can build siege and cavalry can’t, the other is obviously spearmen easily counter their cavalry and archers (soft) counter mangudai.

Maybe if the ovoo boosted engineers tech let cavalry make siege as well as infantry (but more limited ie remove springald/mangonel creation from the tech all together, leaving ram/tower/treb) they’d play cav more? but maybe not hard to say.