New Update, New Monster units, Good Job

Both of them are 1 pop unit after shipment and own such high range resist :grinning:.



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I miss one buff shipment, and mantlet can be stronger. It only costs 80 wood 80 coin.

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i feel like the devs didn’t read my armour thread smh, the difference from 50rr to 65rr is actually kind of insane.


Yeeeees tanks, developers make a way for them to shoot missiles.

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The other thing is the number of extensive fortifications, with the full dance, that ridiculous too

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I dont know how thought that would be a good idea…

Hauds need a nerf, that units are ridicolously OP:

  • They reach 119 villagers + Cow boom + Fur trade + NA comerce

  • They save 10 villagers thanks to healers.

  • Tanky 1 pop units + Spammable canons

  • They get dragoons to counter their weakness.

I would remove pop reduction card at least


If this is what it takes for a unit that was previously buffed by 8 cards but still unviable maybe its good to try atleast

Perdón que responda en Español, pero no tengo ganas de escribir en inglés 21.

Honestamente, antes el ariete y el asediador no eran muy buenos, pero eran muchísimo mejores que ahora, debido a que tenían etiqueta de infantería, por lo cual los 3 envíos de combate les proporcionaban 30 y 30% más de hp y ataque.
Aun así, con las casi 9 mejoras disponibles, nadie los usaba, así que ahora los cambios me parecen muy buenos.
Espero ver más asediadores en los ejércitos haudes y ver más arietes asediando.


The artillery foundry units of the Iroquois were not used, maybe they needed changes but who asked for buffs as ridiculous as this? cost - pop ratio and quality make it a tremendous unit monster


Thats not a justification to become them 1pop nukes. Maybe in supremacy It wont be a problem but in treaties it will.

Its insane this tanky units plus that insane eco, they wont be drained never. How its supoused to be countered??

A little reminder: Fertility dance is faster, while Iros have battlefield construction and HP aura.

I do enjoy mantlet storm, but they probably should take longer to train to counterbalance it at least a bit.

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we can nerf their eco probably I have seen the suggestion to remove their vil overpop and also the battlefield construction

What about light canons?? They seem too eficient, and I dont think that training tons of them was in devs mind back in the day. I would keep them 4 pop


what has changed about them?

like the pop reduction card has always existed, all that changed was that they combined 2 cards together

They always had 1 pop ram and manlet and 3 pop cannons

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Maybe now that mantlets can have even stronger stats simply remove their pop reduction.
Rams are probably the least efficient siege unit and really needs to get very close to the building (while unable to do anything else, unlike macemen etc). So that is somewhat justified.

BTW I remember mantlets used to benefit from infantry cards and not anymore. So the stats is actually less ridiculous than before no?


Hauds were in a kinda delicate place as they were strong (near OP) if they had enough wood and mass of canons, mantles and infantry was the reason. Now that mass is near impossible to stop, a way would be using canons, but LCanons counter them easily.

And better dont talk about civs withot artillery…

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yeah they traded lesser overall stats for the armour, I think fully buffed before they were like 1k hp or something

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mantlets are stronger before. They are nerfed!!!

i used to send all the inf cards and siege cards before this nerf.
Monsters mantlets with monsters natives, cannon, musjet rider was so much fun

Ethiopia and Hausa are facing more and more artilleries
after Chinese reworked, Italy, Malta, Hauds :rofl: Now the only usable cav for Ethiopia (Desert Raider) also countered by mantlets and rams :joy:

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