Just got new update version 19XXX something. WHERE ARE THE PATCH NOTES. I checked AOE facebook and webpage?


Yes. Update 8 was released today.

Patch notes were posted about 2 weeks ago here:


I am now thoroughly happy with microsoft and will recommend AOE to everyone!


Wait wait… this come back is a thing, of course, but there is plenty of things to fix.


Most games I died based on so much time spent reseeding my 30 farms or all my units getting stuck in narrow corridor, especially swordsman. This fixes almost everything that I personally wanted fix.


Thanks a lot Forgotten Empires. Now, the game is really fun.


How do you update the game? Mine is still on the old version.


@IamDalv Here you go: Update 8 Released


go to your start menu seach bar, type store, open microsoft store, at top right there is setting button ( icon is . . . ) click that and select downloads and updates. Have fun!