New USA Stuff

A short post but USA got buffed/nerfed.

Any thoughts on their Carbine Cavalry, Sharpshooters, Marines, new cards, the nerfed State Militia?

@AussieDrongoBBQ ???

He’s not playing AoEIII much these days, unfortunately.

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Did they lose the three gatling card?

Carbine cavalry feel better now although they’re nothing incredible, lee’s legion getting price reduced was a nice change so they’re usable age 2 now as well.

Sharpshooters are nicer with more range, now the same as a longbow and more range each age.

Maines are the same I believe.

SM still feel ok, bit harder to mass now.

The new capitol wagon card is great, opening up more age up options.
I really like the new infinite gatling card too, really good idea.


I thought that was last patch…Buffing buffelo soldiers giving them a much needed upgrade to their paltry 10% range resist. Meanwhile you could use cowboys mercenaries or dragoons before the industrial age.

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It’s better now. It’s a weird new infinite shipment that sends 3,2,1 then resets.

It was, practically everything he asked about was changed last patch.

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Thanks just making sure I didn’t miss something. It does seem odd.

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Yeah neither have I apparently LOL!!

Looking at his youtube it looks like all AOE4 now. Bummer.


I played a couple games yesterday and the nerf to state militia IS noticeable but the new cards are super useful.

I didn’t get a chance to really try the new Carbine Cavalry, so that’ll be tonight.