New Video saying that AoE4

… Just watch it.

Do you agree or not?


Definitely agree.
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No, I dont agree, and this youtuber kind of lost my credibility because he has no idea what he is talking about once he started talking about free2play comparing it with the MOBAs.
And comparing unreleased games again, games we havent played yet… I dont have time right now to extend on this but I know people like to say small games with few developers look better, it’s like supporting the underdogs; we dont even know how functional they will be, people were saying the same things about Frozenheim and it turned out to be a totally reckless game, nothing works properly in that game. It’s the same with Manor Lords, we are yet to see how it turns out. And not to say it’s different type of games; What? Last video he compared it with Anno 1800? Different game types with different design for that reason.
We know nothing about all the features AoE4 will have and how it will play, and we can jump to the conclusion it’s not worth $60 because of graphics? Let’s see how it actually turns out first.


I enjoy a lot of the points this guy makes, and he seems like a real genuine dude, which makes it easy to watch. I also love his hat and that white fur seat thing.

So far in these two videos, I find him strongest when he is comparing the AoE4 footage to other titles (I don’t play many current games, so it’s very helpful to see how other stuff compares.)

But I am not particularly compelled by his underlying theory regarding how to properly price the game. I don’t think players have enough information to make super informed decisions about pricing models, so those decisions are best left in the hands of the people who have that info. We simply do not have enough information to know whether those people are making a fatal error. Therefore, I am not sure the best use of the community’s influence on development is to be laser-focused on pricing.

I would much rather see what else he has to say about how to improve the existing game than how to price it.


I don’t like this Youtuber at all, to be honest, to bring his video as some kind of thesis is strange, in fact, the guy is also not a very distant mind and a beautiful word.


He doesn’t know anything about the game … he only saw a few shots and 2 videos like everyone else.

I couldn’t evaluate it accordingly.

According to the match PvP 1x1 That would be a different rating


I liked his previous videos. Mainly and probably because these were more analytic. And before that, he defended the graphical style of age 4. which was certainly my opinion, so I liked that video aswell.

But the last 2 now seem the opposite. I wont watch them as I dont have the time for stuff I know I disagree with. The game is AA and worth 60€. and while he seems quite genuine, the fact that back when everyone was about the graphics he took a stand of the positive side, yet now suddenly the game is not worth 60€, kinda suggests a bit of click focused opinions on his side. But thats fine I guess, will just wait how the next vids turn out^^


I agree 100% with him.

Personally I dislike ant cartoon based graphics, be it Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, fortnight, mobile games.
I want realisms, especially in a game based on medieval history.

I love games such as the Witcher, Skyrim, Kingdom Come Deliverance and my favorite game of all time, Thief (Old trilogy) All of those games as well as AoE2 have clear ,gritty realistic graphics, and that is what I want.

Age of Empires 2 has been such a success because the graphics was realistic and good from the get go, it was so good that it remains beautiful, rustic and realistic even to this day. DE just improved on that and in doing so increased the longevity of the games graphics.
It is gritty, dusty, dirty , bloody, gorey and realistic. I love it, Cities in DE2 look like actual medieval cities and I love it! I even created a mod that gave each civ historically accurate unit skins using Civ 3 sprites and it looks amazing!! Even with hundreds of differing units ,with complex historical skins, I have absolutely no problem identifying any unit. Detailed realism is what we crave!

WIth the advanced technology of today , I expect age IV to be breathtaking and realistic.

AoE IV from the get go has a certain style that is not focused on historical realism nor rustic beauty but instead focuses on ease of identification in the hopes that it will make the game easier for mobile game playing 6 year olds to get into and play. Tiny cretins whom have wealthy parents love cartoon trash like fortnight , and in attempting to appease that market, the devs hope to cash in and achieve vast amounts of sales to said 6year olds.The scale of the buildings are horrid, the destruction animations look like fisher price / Lego blocks disassembling. Compared to DE2 destruction animation , AoE4 looks like a lego game.

I for one despise this decision and will not be buying this game.

During the reveal trailer there was one image that didn’t look like a mobile game , one image that I thought: wow! that looks rustic and so good!..and when I paused the video, I saw that it was a short clip from DE2 XD

At one point you see a Cathedral (Not a basilica or a church ,a cathedral) in the city and the cathedral looks like it can hardly fit 5 people inside.

I really just hope they make the graphics and scale more realistic, I can’t stand the cartoon graphics, I won’t be buying the game if the graphics don’t become better.

Rather give me more DE content any day.


Yeah we get it. You don’t like the visuals. We have read this same comment from you probably already 5 times. Why are you still in this forum then if you no longer care for the game?


I just don’t understand some people when they judge a game before it’s even released or before someone has played it.
You can express yourself critically about the optics, yes ok but nothing more than that, because for everything else you have to play the game by yourself or atleast seen it in its entirety.


Maybe because he wants to share his opinion? It’s not so hard to understand.


and I still dont see how this graphical direction has ANYTHING to do with them trying to appeal to “6 year olds”


Too much emphasis on graphics today for some people, and too little on gameplay.


Catering to children with cratoon graphics instead of making the best game possible. With todays technology you can make a superb beautiful game like Manor Lords. But instead they make a cartoon game that 6 year olds love.


Just updated my profile as I’ve realized some of my videos get posted here.

RE: “We know nothing about all the features AoE4 will have and how it will play, and we can jump to the conclusion it’s not worth $60 because of graphics?” No, you’ve missed the point. I already assume that gameplay will be 10/10. The game will most likely be worth $60 (and a lot more) if we all sink hundreds of hours into it, like we have with previous AoE games. AoE2DE is technically worth hundreds of dollars to us who’ve easily sunk, what, 1000+ hours? That wasn’t the point at all.

The game isn’t worth $60 when other AAA games do a better job at that price point. If all other top notch games are $100+, then I have no problem with Age of Empires IV’s pricing. But in a world where Forza Horizon 4 (or the upcoming 5) is the same price as Age of Empires IV, I will raise an eyebrow. I don’t agree that AoE4 exceling in other things warrants the $60 price point when there are glaring issues as it stands. I will happily stand corrected and make another video if all of these issues are addressed by launch - in fact, I’d more than like that to happen as I support the franchise and the devs. Hope that clarifies the videos a bit. :slight_smile:


Graphics are all we have seen thus far, and since your eyeballs will be constantly pressing against those graphics in order to experience the game play , I would say that the graphics are of utmost import at this stage.


Cartoon game you’d say to something like AoE Online. You cant honestly say AoE4 has cartoony graphics with a straight face.


100% yes.

They could easily have given us a game with graphics resembling Manor Lords but instead we get graphics closer to fortnite.

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Thanks Andy, glad you like the hat. :smiley:

I do agree with you for the most part - I am taking some liberty in speaking ahead of time for sure, I’m not going to deny that. For all I know, all issues will be fixed at launch, however unlikely.

That said, pricing, regardless of the game’s state, affects the playerbase. And for a game that is currently struggling in terms of player #s on the ladder (AoE2DE, the most popular of the bunch, has an absolute wreck of a TG ladder), there’s no doubt in my mind that the current price will further alienate a portion of the playerbase. Microsoft is better served to make more money in the long run (because that’s their plan that they’ve mentioned a million times) than retain a portion of the same playerbase for the priciest game they have to cough up so far. RIP folks who are in developing countries with lower purchasing power/currency.

In other words, does Microsoft just want to sell us (Age of Empires fans) this game at $60? They will succeed and most of us will happily pay. Folks who don’t play AoE or RTS at all? Good luck. Wasn’t the whole point of Age of Empires IV to bring the genre to the masses and try to become relatively mainstream?

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If I show you a Ferrari SF90 and a Toyota Corolla - and tell you that they’re both worth a $1M.

Would you tell me that the Toyota is in no way $1M when there’s a Ferrari next to it? Or would you say: “Hey you know what? I’ll try both cars first - can’t tell if the Toyota is $1M without trying it.”

My analysis assumes gameplay and campaigns will be 10/10. However, in a world full of $60 games with almost no compromises, Age of Empires IV has quite a few in the graphics/animation department. In that case, folks should be able to make a guess and reckon that these games should not be priced the same.