New Vietnames bonus

Firing projectiles will not reveal not grant the enemy vision on your units and will also give you +25% damage if your ouside of LOS. will not effect fortification and maybe siege units. More of a gimmick than anything but it feels thematic and Vietnamese could use a buff.


Not sure what you really meant, but since you called it a gimmick it is probably a terrible idea. Gimmicks in general are bad design.


Normally when you fire a projectiles at an enemy it well give your opponent LOS this would disable that feature for Vietnamese and also give them +25% atk, this would be hard countered by town patrol but i think it should be included because it fits with the theme of Vietnamese.

The problem with this bonus is that it’s completely useless in all visible setting game. I kinda understand and like the idea but it’s just impractical because their archers’ range ain’t that of briton’s, meaning your archers will always get spotted most of the time, rendering the bonus mostly useless. If your opponents have light cav, monks, trebs, BBC, this bonus becomes even more useless because these units have insane LOS.

If you want a more useful thematic bonus, I would say buff the bonus that reals TC at the start of the game. I would make it so that It will always reveal enemy’s new additional constructed town centers and castles, not just the first one.

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it feels thematic only if opponents fires napalm at you…

jokes asyde, vietnamese are fine, they don’t need any buff moreso now that devs fixed the cost of paper money. they could use a tweak on their castle age tech since it feels underwhelming and i would rather swap castle and imp tech and make paper money a bit cheaper, that’s it

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Many Civs get team bonuses that grant additional LOS should they all be reworked in favor of bonuses that help in all visibility? I not dissing the people who enjoy those setting but I don’t think the should be balanced around those settings.

feels too difficult to implement, annoying to play against and risks being either useless or OP depending on the unit you go against.

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Are they? According to they have the lowest winrate of any civ.


That website is down and no longer up to date from what i remember. It has old stats that basically not matter anymore
After they got their new eco bonus for eco tech not costing wood, and new unique tech, they got to a very decent spot

Their WR on the more current AoEPulse isn’t exactly great. You can argue that they’re underrated or whatever, but they’re easily in the conversation for possible buffs.

The UT cost adjustment will help very slightly, but mostly I’d like to see a minor ele buff for the SE asian/Indian civs that get them.

That, and a new thematic Vietnamese bonus could be that “Fortunate Son” blares immutably on loop against the Viet’s opponent.


I thought the Same but apparently aoestats is online again


Nope, it says “2023-04-01 — is back! More data, better accuracy, and more stats! Updated daily.” and that it’s using patch 78174 (the latest one, excluding the current PUP).


ah, didn’t know about this thanks!! that sayd, i do not think vietnamese are the worst atm. they are bmore solid than civs like koreans or sicilians in my eyes

that says, as i’ve mentione dalready, i would swap their Utc and make paper money cheaper and buff chatras to give their elephants something alongside more HP

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Thank you so much for sharing. It is really helpful

Makes sense. It’s kind of weird how so many Battle Elephant UTs are available in Castle Age, when Battle Elephants are more of a late game unit.

Yeah also civs like bengalis which are not considered amazing have better elephants bonuses for free rather than their payd UT. If the UT gave then more armor against something, or bonus against something, or some sort of buff, then the civ as a while would benefit since they already have very good archers, much better than something like Italians for example