New visual glitch after latest update - Grass patches

After the latest patch, after aging up to Imperial, the whole map gets covered in these weird rectangular grass patches (look like half-farms), but they only show up under fog-of-war, as soon as you walk towards them and they disappear.

Never had this issue until now and took me a while to find the aforementioned behavior/trigger. It looks like it affects all biomes and I’ve been testing in Altai, still pending to see if other maps are affected.

Thank you for reporting this @EricGonzalezM! Could you please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file?

Sure, will do. Hoping others have noticed it as well and it’s not an isolated case with my setup. Again, this didn’t happen pre-update.

Another thing that I noticed by looking again at my own screenshots is that it’s clear the grass squares showed up after Age III and then again after Age IV, so not only Imperial but Castle too. I’ll keep testing around to see if there are other conditions that need to be met, like specific biomes or maps, for this to happen.

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Hey @SavageEmpire566 , here is another person reporting the same glitch:

This wasn’t present in the previous patches. I’m sure this was a bug introduced recently and it’s hard to notice because there’s grass mostly everywhere, but once you see it happening it’s easy to pinpoint.

I’ve been trying to find any pattern that triggers this, but so far I can only say that the glitch appears as soon as the age up is complete (it’s maybe related to buildings and units changing visual appearance to match the age). It’s very intermittent, sometimes not happening at all through several matches, sometimes not going away.

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