New web: AOE 4 tech tree in AOE 2 style

Rudyairlines has made a new web with the aoe 4 tech tree in aoe 2 style, with all the stats:

Is under construction but its better than the tech tree ingame.dg


This is awesome! :smiley:
Already superior since you can actually compare stats now!

First of all amazing work and easy to use!!

My eyes are a little sensitive so when I clicked on a tech and the large white window popped up that was not so cool lol. Maybe they can make the pop up in the same delicate blue of the tech tree at some point :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. this is so much better. Wonder where he got the idea to be this innovative and employ a horizontal view.

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this is great, thanks!

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in Firefox I think the website is stuck in mobile mode:
no scrollbars & half-screen covering popups when clicking on various options.

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Probably doesn’t work on mobile, the method to scroll is to hold shift and scroll wheel, there’s no scrollbar.

Maybe the creator can tell you something: @rudyairlines

I’m on a trackball ( i know…) But it seems to me the tech tree is stuck on a mobile version, because the unity/upgrade popups that cover half the screen for barely any text - perfect for mobile.

Anyway I used the feedback button on the site :).

I cant get the link to work in my chrome browser for some reason, is it broken or is it me?

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This should be implemented in-game.

I don’t see anything, and the site is not secure

Seems it is broken… Is there any other tool?

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