New Year, New Opportunities: Age IV Patch & 1v1 Ranked Seasons Preview

Read the patch preview and news about the 1v1 Ranked Seasons Beta here: New Year, New Opportunities: Age IV Patch & 1v1 Ranked Seasons Preview - Age of Empires


Happy New Year! Now how about choosing our colour for custom and skirmish? :grinning:


So you guys buffing delhi and leaving abbasids to die ? players literally dodge when they see abbasid in team match now.

That’s how bad it is and you keep ignoring the fact abbasid is dead every patch after investing too much on abbasid music and voices…

Meanwhile me:

Okay :rofl:


Abbasids are in a slightly below average spot

As shown here

In bigger teamgames tradewing is insane value.

You just should stay away from them if you play water maps, that’s all.

Unfortunately. abbasid hardly has major balance changes in the latest fixes. They only mentioned DELHI, Mongol and FL

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How are ranked seasons going to be implemented? The typical ranked season I’m used to isn’t an RTS one, and involves in a trophy style reset at the end of every season. AoE4 uses elo though, so how would that work? Is it going to reduce player elo?

nice elo showoff but the game is made for all players not just you and your friends.

so we use all players data instead of making all balance about [XARDAScoh] and his friends data alone

Steam trading cards when?

Generally, we want to balance the game around the average-high ELO playerbase, those developing the meta, in order to arrive at a game that will be better enjoyed by the average player as he adapts to the meta and slowly improves over time.

A year from now, anybody still playing from launch is going to be more than a little advanced over the level they’re playing at today, and should appreciate changes made for their future level.

That is, in a way, helping all players.

Good news,

can’t wait to test ranked league system hope we get quicks fixs for few bugs left and mongols nerfed asap


I just wanted to say that there is non-sense in what he wrote before. Like leaving searching lobby only because someone from your team picked Abbasids?
Why tf are u so aggresive man? Really best firend to drink a tea as I can see
Get your ■■■■ together pls

Hello i wanted to know what is going to happen i read the last note pach in coming and look like we need to register in order to play ranked ??
Ok so i registered as an "age insider " but what’s next ? How to be shre i’ll be able to play ranked ? Is it random pick as beta players ? What are the conditions and things to do to play this ranked mode that i wait from the game releasing ?
I wonder also where can i see the new patch complete in coming with details update. I searched but found nothing is it a surprise until d day ?
Thanks by advance for answering me guys
Hf cya

It sounds like the ranked play will start as a closed beta so they will send out invites and be collecting feedback before opening it to general use.
Here some info on the patch but it’s not super detailed.

Want to add a single player pause micro feature.