Next Civilization (Poll)

After Italy, from which continent would you like the next civilization to be?

  • Asia.
  • Africa.
  • Europe.
  • America.
  • Oceania.

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If you are interested in a particular civilization, comment which one and why.


I don’t know how much the African theme makes the game profitable, but I think there is still half a continent to represent. I hope that a future DLC will finish with a flourish the participation of Africa in the game.


Morocco, Kongo and Oman Empire (Half arabs/half Africans) would be cool

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Iranians and Thais are the best option.


Is time for Asia, o maybe Africa.


I have as a rule not to comment or vote in my own polls, but on this occasion I will make an exception.

Personally, I believe that each continent should have at least the same number of civilizations as Europe.

I agree that much of Africa is vastly underrepresented but I think the same can be said for Oceania, South America and Asia.

That said, new civilizations with interesting mechanics are always welcome, and Africa has a lot to offer.

Both Asia and Africa are very underrepresented places in the game and I think they deserve some more civilizations.

In my case it is the other way around, African civilizations are not my favourites, I prefer post-colonial civilizations like Argentina, Gran Colombia and Brazil.

Regarding the Mapuche, just as North America has 2 native civilizations and 2 post-colonial civilizations, I think that South America should have the Incas and the Mapuches.

The only thing I don’t know is what to do with Central América. :sweat:

P.S: That said, I wouldn’t object to the developers adding more African civilizations. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a whole new territory to explore. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope that the eyes of microsoft still consider an additional expansion for africa and not left half.

South America may need more minor factions and new maps. Civilizations of postcolonial emerging origin are not my favorites, but I am willing to accept Brazil, although I find the Mapuches more interesting as a complete faction in case they add a new South American civilization.

Oseania seems very interesting to me and the remote territories of the entire Pacific. I hope it arrives in the future.


Brazil, Chile, Peru, Gran Colombia and Argentina (South American dlc).
Romenia, Hungary and Polish Lithuanian commonwealth (east europe dlc).
Italy and Danes (the last europe dlc).


I would add the Mapuche as a South American civilization.

In general, I want developers to make more civilizations to represent continents that are sorely underrepresented.

Regarding the settlements of minor civilizations, I think they could add settlements from the colonies and the revolutions, in the case of the Argentine territory they could add settlements known as Estancias that would specialize in cattle. :wink:

Juana Azurduy has a lot of potential to be included in the game in some way. Of all the ladys who have presented so far, Juana has nothing to envy them


Brasil :brazil: (lots of characters)

If at some point they add Argentina, Peru or Bolivia I want this heroine as a skin for our Explorers/Generals.

Possible historical battles:
Chuquisaca Revolution
Cochabamba Revolution
First auxiliary expedition to Alto Perú
Second auxiliary expedition to Alto Perú

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I’d just like them to finish off the european colonial powers and include Denmark. It’s the only that that’s missing and it drives me mad.

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:facepunch: :pensive:

descarga (11)

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Persian with Majestic wonders.

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At this rate it’ll be none of the above. John Black’s Mercenary Company is probably next.

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Please, add Poland and Ukraine

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100 People. :flushed: Thank you all for participating in the vote, please continue to share what continent you would like the next civilization to be from.

Thank you all for participating and commenting, I hope you all have a good day. :smile:

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