Next invitation 17th september, really?

Will it be another $c@m as it was for the previuos invitations when I didn’t receive nothing 1st and 2nd wave or this time I (and other insiders as me) will receive something?

Everything is properly explained in the correct topic.

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Yes i know, and I’ve read “On Friday, September 17th, you should be able to access the build in one of two ways”. I’m asking for the “Should” part

lol best of luck.
At least you didn’t pay for anything.

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To avoid legal issues all publishers have to say that they will do whatever it takes to keep software and online services working, however they cannot promise this because of the potential for unforseen issues.


It’s open to everyone no invitation required


But invitation is encouraged… to ALL your friends! xD


Thank you, question answered :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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