Next PUP?

Has anyone got any news about next preview update or predictions about when its supposed to be coming?


Martes 13 o martes 20 de septiembre, dependerá de que tan pronto tengan lista la pup


I hope for really good brand new things!

Maybe French & Dutch update + new skins for their Explorers. New revolution options for Western European civs like Belgium, Ireland and Revolutionary France. New maps and announcement of new DLC (on horizon).


I hope that the next patch will bring more content to the game, here are some things that I would like to see come true. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love a rework for all the revolutions, I think they need a substantial improvement and following the example of the Mexican revolutions (Mayas, Texas and California)

In case the developers find the above task impossible, I would like revolutions to be able to customize their decks, this way I could add cards that benefit revolutions in the long run

New Civilizations.
I hope that after the PUP they announce a new civilization.

Fix the incas once and for all! I’m tired of repeating the same thing! They are made to remind us of AOE2 and that was a bad idea, update them to the time of Tupac Amaru II.

Nerf to the US, English and reworks for Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Ottomans.




Some speculate we may not get a PUP at all for this month.

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Maybe FE busy with AoE4

Sadface emoji or madface emoji?

:disappointed_relieved: :rage:

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I hope to rework all revolutionary countries in Europe in the public update and learn from the Mexican Revolutionary country model again for European civs new revolutionary countries


For this PUP I just want the American FI exploit fixed, Barbary States fixed, Hospitaller’s speed buffed, hidden stats removed (buildings have a hidden 20% siege resist), and the Incans buffed (especially the Maceman). And I hope it’s Portugal’s turn for a renovation!


I hope you are right and on the 13th or 20th we get news of a PUP.

I think the French, Germans and Ottomans could use some new native ally cards as well. :wink:

Completely agree, the revs need updating.

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The teams working on aoe2, aoe3 and aoe4 are different teams. Releasing new content for one title doesn’t mean take work labor from the others.

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Is it possible to receive the message from pup in tomorrow

I don’t think there should be a pup this month, they’re working hard on anniversary content.

I hope a revolution rework or a portugese rework


New revolutions would be cool but I don’t agree with these ones. I’d like to see Belgium as a full civ. They were a colonial power, especially in Africa. Ireland doesn’t fit the timeline. I don’t know if concept-wise it would make sense to have a French revolution when the French leader is Napoleon. I’d like to see revolution leaders return from legacy with a leader for each revolution option. They could make the French revolution work that way.

Yes the developers has to rework the all European revolution civs for Add a new Every revolutionary country brings its own revolutionary leader as a real historical figure and every one revolution general and Do your best to do a good job in all revolutionary countries in Europe and for The activities to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Empire 3 and the 25th anniversary age of Empire series will be fully filled in October as soon as possible


We have way too many euro civs already and in my opinion we are getting to a point there shouldnt be too many new civs added outside of regions who really miss them, like Persia and North/South Africa

Also Belgium would be one of the worst euro civ to add, 4 and a half age they werent even independent, with not a Belgium identity existing untill its formation and arguably some years after (Flamish, Walloon). Not to mention technically Leopold owned the Congo, not Belgium for the AoE III timeline.

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I agree 100% with all of this, exactly what we need.


It means that Belgium has been one of the European revolutionary countries in France and the Netherlands age 4. It should be suitable for the game of aoe3 The historical reason is that Belgium has established a kingdom in 1831. Belgium must be the best revolutionary choice

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