Night Edition Color Mood in game

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Night Edition Color Mood in game.

Content: 內容:
Autumn -> The Dusk in Autumn 秋季 -> 秋季黃昏
Desert -> The Sand Storm 沙漠 -> 沙塵暴
Empty -> The Full-moon Night 空白 -> 月圓之夜
Jungle -> The Morning Dawns 叢林 -> 黎明时分
Winter -> The Snow Night 冬季 -> 雪夜

Warnings: 警告:
1.Please restart the game, otherwise those color moods will not be applied.
2.Please turn on “Options” - “Graphics” - “Map Lighting”, otherwise no color mood will be displayed.
3.Suggest to turn on “Options” - “Graphics” - “Enable Bloom”&“Animate Fog”, to achieve the best effect.


Age of Empires II DE: Night Edition Main Menu

how does it work, does day/night flip after certain period or mod is permanently night mood?

Mod is permanently night mood

sadly it only looks good on snowy biome

Amazing job my friend. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Thank you.