Nintendo Switch Age of Empires

Ok I’m just putting this out there, as a kid who had restricted PC time (weekends only during school weeks) I played the DS Age of Empires games (both kings and mythology) until they broke. My ds literally would fail to read either card anymore. Now as an adult I once again see the value of a portable age of empires for the days where I am too busy to sit at the computer. The ability to turn it on play a few turns and then continue later is super convenient.

So all i’m saying is, even though I traded in my switch a while back, I would rebuy a switch to play a nintendo switch AOE game if it improved on the previous DS games. If they develop a switch game based on aoe 4 that would be ideal (still turn based tho). Bigger maps, more resources, more civs, improved ai and graphics, all the standard sequel stuff they could consider. Hell I would consider it if the old DS games were remastered with some improvements for the switch.

Also while i’m here, this site has one of the worset log in systems I have ever had to deal with, top 5 for sure. I visit this site with a different email than my main one and everytime without fail i login with the main one, get told I have to make a forum account and then i cant ‘log off’ because it wants me to register since i logged in already to my microsoft account. Literally have to clear my browser history for the past hour and refresh the page so i can login again.