No animation for chicken in TC really annoys me

I am really disappointed when I find there is no animation for chicken in TC when looking at the pre-release game just now.

In beta-test, I could tell myself “it’s just beta test, they have saved some animation to reduce the size. Everything will be fine in the full game.” However, there is still no animation for chicken in the TC in the broadcasted march just now. I guess chicken just won’t move anyway.

I find this thing inexcusable. Even the donkey in mill in aoe2 twenty years ago has animation. I know it is a minor thing and could be fixed by mod later etc. But it is just these minor issues spoil the experience. It makes you feel the game is incomplete everywhere. It is just like CP2077. The game is good but you just get annoyed every five seconds.

P.s. To those who says graphics and details are not important, why don’t you play with the mini map?


With CP2077 they straight up lied about the gameplay and showed everyone fake gameplay videos.
Top it off the game was almost unplayable with all its glitches.
Aoe IV is nowhere near that and you know it.

It’ll probably get changed later after launch. If not then feel free to riot.


I don’t want to argue with you too much about CP2077. Actually I cleared the game in one week right after the release so definitely CP2077 is not unplayable.

But you just get my point. If so many things need to be fixed after launch, it is incomplete. Hope they won’t release a separate dlc called ”animated chicken” like a “blood dlc”.

You were very much the minority then.
As you can see in the video and just general reviews from people, the game was very unplayable.
A total lie compared to the promotional footage.

“so many things” feels more like 2-3 things?
Blood isn’t going to be added im pretty sure. So that’s not something thats going to get “fixed” later.
Are we really comparing tiny chickens not moving to the disaster cyberpunk was?

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If this is true experience from the closed beta and it’s from your personal beta experience, I don’t know that the beta’s NDA would want you discussing it?

For the Tech Stress Test you might want to equally pass it off as, “It’s just a tech stress test,” since it was largely for testing servers and matchmaking, etc.:

  • Our goals are different! This time around, we’re focused on scale testing our servers and systems in preparation for the October 28th release date. One reason we are hosting this event over a single weekend is that we are interested in driving as many people into the Technical Stress Test build as possible during this window to make sure that our matchmaking, lobbies and additional systems hold strong.”

I’m not sure what the “broadcasted march just now” refers to, I’m sorry to say. As an AoE Insider, I didn’t get any emails telling me new media came out today(?)

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aoe2 went on completely different path.
No reveal info. No graphic. etc.

PS wont argue about Cyberpunk(still doing it :smiley: )… but many liked it. the worst part happened only for console players.

What? but does TC have chicken?

This is a joke right? Right?


You are right. PC Gamers had not many problems and the game It was a success. Only PS4/Xbox One owners didn’t play It.

cyberpunk was a good game - not a great but a good. played it after release - without any big problem. and cdpr keeps on working on the game

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m talking about the stress test and you can find a video attached by BossPaprika. This video is for marketing so it is going to be the final version.

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No. Seriously, if the game has those chicken, they need to have animation. Otherwise they could simply remove those chicken.


Perhaps the chickens are frozen in fear after seeing the unmanned siege engines magically rolling by?


They probably do not want to be seen by the villagers to get slaughtered like the sheep.

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“Well I don’t care about buildings having little chickens around because these details are not important. Competitive gameplay/readability/micro is all that matters. AOE3 had more details but it was not as popular as AOE2, which shows such details actually hurt the game.”

Who told you those are real chicken?


Honestly, that doesn’t make any sense. We don’t even know how long ago this match was actually played, much less which build they were using for it. And even if it was live and with the most up to date version of the game, we’re a month away from launch day. It’s not like they are calling it done, sending devs on vacation and waiting until after launch to get back to work.

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Are chickens in TC animated in released version of AoE4?

Thanks for remembering this topic. No they don’t.

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