No AOM:DE for 20 year anniversary?

That’s disappointing.


No plans announced yet at least.

Huge disappointment. Hopefully they will announce something in October or November.

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It’s too late. They won’t announce DE without a public beta.

Very disappointed, it had the potential to easily become
Best game of the year. So much of their statement of “WE didn’t forget about AOM”.


Too soon you would mean!

I’d love to see an AoM DE, but for all I know Microsoft doesn’t remember that either AoM or AoE1 exist.

Calm down everyone, there’s still the Gamescom (it’s celebrated in August). I’m totally expecting AoM there.


I hope you’re right
20 characters

They totally forgot AOM.

road map for aoe2de is released - some mysterious will happens in the fall. because someone has birthday.

release of aom was in fall 2002!

i am hyped!


Eh, It’s the AoE II: DE roadmap. The anniversary of the AoE II: DE release is in November. That’s most likely it and completely unrelated to AoM.

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but all de-versions are from forgotten empires.

but yes, your point sounds realistic

the new season of aoe 4 is themed „monsters“ - maybe another hint - maybe just coincidence.

i wish the best for aom


For me, it’s another hint. They said they haven’t forgotten about Mythology. And they said they would bring a DE if fans would like to. I believe.



Best solution to “not related” is an aoe2 DE event that is AOM Themed!!, at the release or announcement of AoM DE/2


Where was the first hint?

Microsoft is not a ‘hinting’ kind of company.

Yeah, they said in 2019.

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i feel you guys so much. heck, AoE got a 4th one, Company of Heroes gets a 3rd one. its about time for AoM like honestly time. 20 years… i am totally not agains a Definitve Edition but i thinks a DE would have been GREAT like 10 years ago to draw in more new players and fans for this franchise. the older AoM gets the less ppl know of it, the less ppl play it (heck i personally didn’t play it for like 5/6 years or so now), the less ppl will buy it (at least in my point of view), at the moment enough ppl play the game and/or still know of it so they still can built on a certain level of nostalgia and therefore hype which also means better selling numbers.
the newer engines are advanced enough to give certain units a better depth and “realism” like griffons and dragons could now land and fight and fly and fight for example which would be an insane task like 20 years ago.

heck they could start with a Definitve Edition, which so many of you would even prefer more, to built up more hype and more fans and then later release a AoM2 if DE sold well - but there has to come something this year!

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