No auto queue from leaked gameplay?


I can’t see any auto queue in the video?
This is stupid, absolutely this meaningless control can be replaced by existing auto queue function.
Why Dev like to change the original function like aoe1 and aoe3?

I wish I am wrong for missing watching detail.

Just because there is no dedicated button in the UI doesn’t mean there is not auto queue.
They previously said that there would be auto queue in the game.

You can also set the abilities to auto cast. If you do that an circular icon appears on the ability. I’d assume it’s the same for unit training.


If you look at the control center, theres no autoqueue button, they briefly click on the town center and it doesnt exist, so unless they purposely disable it for the gameplay, my guess is they replaced the autoqueue with the economy system they announced where you task to economy, to age up, etc

Having a auto queue button is a bad UX.
It is much easier to just let people right click the unit they want to auto train.
This is how most games do it.
This is also how I assume the auto casting abilities will work.

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If that is the case, then how would we create custom queue. Eg 3 villagers 1 dwarf. Or 2 ulfsark 1 throwing axeman.

This is exactly how it should be:

  • If you want to reduce amount of queueing units: Queue more units at once
  • If you want to maximize your gameplay and resources out on the field: Queue less units at once

So autoQ missing is great. If you want to be lazy, you can, but you will be at economic deficit. Maybe you want to invest into longer queue during some moments so you can micro better. If autoQ existed, you would just use it and maximize resources out on the field all the time.

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In the most recent interview they said that AoMR will be the most accessible game they ever made.
It would be pretty strange if they removed the biggest accessibility feature from the original title.

Maybe you can’t do that anymore.
This is kind of an edge case anyway. Like how often do you want to build a specific ratio of units from one building?

What do you mean? You can simply left click and queue any unit in any order as normal.

I don’t get what they mean aswell lol.

Even assuming that right click for autoque will be a thing, you can just right-click a villager 3 times and a dwarf 1 time, so everytime it will queue up 3 vills and 1 dwarf in this order until you stop autoqueue…

Really great, but I’m afraid that it would be too good to be true.

I totally disagree this part. According to “lazy” logic, all functions shall be removed, No shift button, no gathering point function, no mouse right click, etc. If you want to be lazy, you need to suffer related punishment.