No Autosave feature

The game needs an autosave feature for skirmish and multiplayer matches. I lost an hour and half of game progress after the game crashed. Really dumb this has to be mentioned even.


There is an autosave feature in the campaigns but it causes the game to be unresponsive for a few seconds. This isn’t probably something that makes sense in a multiplayer setting but skirmish makes sense. I’m hoping Relic is able to improve performance on the autosaves so the game can be responsive during the process. Personally I wish there was an option to turn off autosaves for the performance issue and haven’t found any time yet where a campaign autosave was helpful or desirable.


its a good idea love it!

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Lost over an hour of gameplay yesterday… grrrr

this is sad. after 9 months and the game didnt provide something basic as savestate for skirmish or a better one for campaign.

Excuse me what ? You can save games on both .

autosave… m8. did you read the post?

yeah but i dont understand why would you want an autosave feauture for skirmish tbh .

This has not been a feature in any other aoe game and nobody had a problem with it…


was a need created by the constant bugs back then that you needed a backup in every session just in case the game bugged or smth. even if that is fixed, the distrust still there

The distrust rlly?.. the only time Aoe4 crashed for me was bc I had over 20k units on screen due to a mod .

I probably trust Aoe4 more in terms of crashes than any other aoe game .

And my pc has good specs.