No Blood in AOE 4

So they are counting totally with mods to solve the lack of blood and probably others things that we may not know yet. This isn’t so bad if there will be support on developing mods making it less complicated to create.

And maybe the fact of being on 3D with an actual engine makes modding more simple? Not sure about this, can someone confirm?. :thinking:

Despite the drama and myself falling for it, the user who said about the T rating is correct. It does not mean that the game won’t have blood, it means that they will avoid severed limbs and blood pools. The blood will probably be in the game but will be subtle like AOE2.

No you are becoming kind of hater, i dont see the problem… :wink:

Sorry this will be family friendly game, you know, we are in the time of political correctness.

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Yep, family friendly while you are literally devastating other nations, burning down towns and cities while killing civilians to reach world (map) domination haha

I am ok with the toggle, but I will want the blood in the game. Otherwise I will skip it. You can kiss my 3 Andrew Jackson bill good bye if they don’t comply with what I want.