No camera scrolling on M1 mbp Parallels

Just got my new computer after a very long wait, super excited to dive back into my childhood for the first time in years.
Running through the tutorial to brush off the cobwebs and something didn’t feel quite right, muscle memory wise. And there it is, the camera doesn’t scroll when I move the cursor to the edge of the screen, even in windowed settings.
Every once in a while it will start scrolling but doesn’t stop until it hits the edge of the map.
Also if I click at the very edge of the screen it’ll start scrolling but then I have to click again to stop scrolling, and obviously that’s not ideal to keep clicking all the time just to move the camera around.
Left click drag scrolling does work, but I really hope I’m not forced to do that.

I already had my dreams of playing AoE I dashed by a bug identified in Parallels and have to wait for a fix there, so I’m starting in with II, but now this.

Update here, in playing around I’ve found a weird set of circumstances. When I first start the game, left/right scrolling works normally. But when I attempt to move the camera up/down, it does not work, and then left/right stops working.
If I swipe to a different desktop window and then come back, left/right swiping works normally again, until I try to go up/down and the issue repeats.

Coherence view provided relief, but the top menu of the game window was cut off.
Tweaking the full screen settings was the solution; Adjusting the ratio to “auto” made everything behave normally.