No Confirmation Email Sent Waited an hour

I signed up for the insider program hoping to participate in the closed Beta. I was part of AOE Online closed beta and AOM. I have several maps, scenarios and game mods for AOE original. I was really hoping to join up and enjoy the Definitive edition. Anyway, I was never sent a confirmation email to the sign up process.

The initial insider surveys are sent out weekly on Fridays. If you or anyone else didn’t receive the initial survey invitation email in over a week, send @jennywaboom a private message and she will be able to help resolve your issue. Keep an eye on your junk email folder as well because emails from the team often end up being falsely flagged as junk.

See also this post:

Rhrmn, it’s an issue on their end.

I still haven’t gotten my Password Reset email on the main account that signed up for all of this. (EDIT: I’ve been trying for around 2 months to get one.)

It’s not in spam. It was never sent OR Gmail just dumped it and never passed it on, which is odd, because I get all the other emails from them about…‘stuff’ (is the NDA lifted? xD).

So, I had to go and use my old Hotmail account and setup an XBox account with it…just to post this because I can’t log in with my main account to ask for help. :\

Have you gone to and reset your Microsoft Account password there? Do you have a recovery email or phone number you can use to reset your password?

I use a Microsoft domain for my Microsoft Account for simplicity.

I don’t need to reset my MS account password. The message specifically states this: “Your account does not have a password assigned to it yet. Click here to reset your password.”

-This is after it goes through authenticating with Xbox Live.

I never get the email that is suppose to be sent out.

I see ZERO reasons to reset my MS Account since I’m currently logged into my computer (via MS Account), Sea of Thieves, Outlook(.com).


Yep, did that. Hopefully it’ll get resolved. Just tossing in my support for those not getting emails! :tongue: