No DLCs after update

After installing the latest patch, I lost access to the USA civs and do not have the African DLC. I was a part of the African beta as well as the USA beta, so the DLC codes I had were from members of the Microsoft team. Please help :slight_smile:

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Then you probably should contact the age of empires support.

might be a silly question, but are you logged into the right steam account? (assume that is where you got the game), assuming you log in from a second account you wouldn’t have access to the DLC content.

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This has been resolved! <3 Jex!

Hey, I am having the same issue. As soon as I purchased the African DLC from windows store and installed it, both the US and African civs have become unavailable. How did you resolve this?

How you fixed it. I have the same probleme since the update.

Same issue here, DLC civs are disabled for me despite owning them.

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The support helped me and the step with the powershell worked!