No extra bonus damage to Condo by Logistica for Elite Cataphract

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • **GAME BUILD #: 73855
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

I mean, the Elite cataphract does not be affected by Logistica to obtain extra bonus damage vs. Condo if the Elite Cataphracts are placed initially in editor, not those upgraded from the standard by researching the upgrade in castle. For example, I put 1 Elite cataphract in the map in editor, then I do testing and research Logsitica, this Elite Cataphract does not obtain the extra bonus damage vs. Condo, as Logistica just add the bonus for the standard one. (553 is Elite, 40 is the standard one)

Hey, as someone who reported the original issue, I want to say that the tech is working as intended. Condos have 10 infantry armor, so the Cataphracts only need 10 attack vs Condos to make the attack bonuses normal. Elite Catas already have that. Catas had 9, that’s why this tech was changed.

I know it is working as intended if you have elite cataphracts that are upgraded from the standard one. The situation of mine is saying that I have elite cataphracts placed in the editor (not upgraded from the standard one) that do not obtain the effect vs. condo from Logistica.

You can do testing in editor by placing standard one and elite one to fight against condo.
For standard one, do elite upgrade and Logistica first, and fight
For elite one, just do Logistica
To see the difference

it’ll be best to change title of the thread because the issue isnt only tied to condo and cataphract, rather it applies most likely to other units in the game as well that meet similar requirement. can use the condo/cataphract as an example.