No game sound

Build: 38862
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10
Gamertag: The12Reaper12

I bought AoE DE yesterday for nostalgia reasons, and the first time i opened it it was all ok, logged into my microsoft account, changed some graphic options and closed the game. After this, every time i open the game it has no sound at all after the intros. I already tried to verify the integrity of the files, and already have the XAudio2_9.dll. The game is installed in an external Seagate HD, like all my other steam games, but only this one has this problem

Reproduction Steps:
1-Open the game
2-Skip or watch the intros
3-The main menu loads, no music, no button sound, no ingame sound

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The game actually doesn’t play audio if you disconnect the audio device while the game is running.

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I never disconected my headset when the game is running.

This is a pretty obscure bug and it’s probably some sort of incompatability bug.

Ohh… I actually experienced something similar too.
When switching from headphones to speakers (or vice versa) through the volume control setting via Task Bar, sound passes away, and there’s no way to bring it back, unless restarting the game.

This is particularly a pain in the ■■■ for me, since I like to listen to music, and sometimes I use speakers instead of headphones.

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