No games in Multiplayer Browser

Does anyone else have this issue?

When I go to multiplayer, I select browse games and see no games. My filters are clear and I am not on LAN. A friend is on at this very moment saying there are a bunch of open lobbies and I see only 2.

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Hi @navyseal5400, Have you tried any of the proposed solutions on the support website?

All this week I have struggled to find any multiplayer games , is the community gone or is it a glitch?

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I think the community for AoE 3 DE are waiting for more major bug fixes since the matchmaking is currently unplayable with lots of disconnection, etc.

did u try to type something in the search ? go back in main menu then in browser again then sometimes the auto loading wont load any games so u have to click refresh

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I’ve done all that, I just get no games list no matter what

can u make a video ? from main menu to multiplayer-browsing ?

There are 7k people online right now…this must be yet another bug to the list

i can go in lan instead of online and make a screenshot of empty lobby too

I wish it was just me being in lan mode,

Last week there where tonnes of lobbies now I can see anything, I’m gonna reinstall and hopefully that fixes it

Well reinstalling my game has seem to fix the issue

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I had the same issue about a week ago. I didn’t see any multiplayer games for a few days, and one day it was just fine (I didn’t really do anything to fix it).

This issue is generally caused by having an incompatible version of game data files, either because of installing a data mod, or by not having latest official game updates installed.

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Thanks this did work - although I’m not sure how to get the game to update through Xbox Game Pass on PC…I literally uninstalled and reinstalled.

I don’t think the game is updating through people using Gamepass…maybe only Steam.

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