No Guard or Imperial Upgrade for French Grenadiers

French Grenadiers - enabled with the French Church Card - cannot be upgraded towards guard and Imperial.

After sending the Young Guard Tech, French is able to recruit Grenadiers and upgrade them to Veterans. But these (recruited) Grenadiers can not be upgraded further to Guard or Imperial Grenadiers. This does not change with researching the Middle or the Old Guard Tech.

Is this a bug or a feature?
If this is a feature, why it is supposed to be so?

Must be something on your end, they were always upgradeable since the church tech enables them.

hi, could you tell me please how did you made UI transparent?

Ohh, you are right.

My mistake:
The veteran Upgrade is on the normal place:

But the Guard Upgrade is shiftet right:

That’s why I didn’t found it!

I am very sorry to waste your time!


no worries, the forum is a place to ask questions.

it’s a mod called Dori UI.

thank you very much!

Lol this is a very annoying bug…i used to run into that,too

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