No History Option on the new Return to Rome DLC

Ok maybe I’m a history buff but we can read a lot about all the Normal empires and civilizations on the “normal mode of the game”… Now where is the “History” option on the menu inside the new DLC Return to Rome? I wanna read about the old empires as well…


Yeap that was very sloppy for them to not include that section.

It’s also useful to listen to civ music.


I hope they will include it. It was nicely done and informative : clear, and not too long.

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They will add it… now on June 2 they will put the original campaigns in a separate section, then they could put the history section there…


Yes this needs to be included. AoE is also a learning experience.


Yes, also it doesn’t require that much time, it’s just text…

Yup! If I can write a history section for a Georgians civ in about an hour, they can easily do it for all the civs within a day if multiple people are working on it.

Yes, they can do it in a patch, there are more than 100 people, someone would take care of that…

Where are you getting this info from?

We will be officially bringing the Ascent of Egypt tutorial campaign, plus three AoE campaigns to Return of Rome, including The First Punic War campaign. These campaigns will launch in future updates to Return of Rome, similar to our Co-Op Campaign content rollout. More details about their release will be available soon.

Now is your opportunity to vote on the other two campaigns you’d like to see return to Rome! Voting is live and will remain open until the 2nd of June:

Which campaigns would you like to see in Return of Rome? Log on now to vote!

  • Ave Caesar
  • Enemies of Rome
  • Imperium Romanum
  • Glory of Greece
  • The Rise of Rome
  • Reign of the Hatti
  • Voices of Babylon
  • Yamato, Empire of the Rising Sun

You, the Age community, are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to continue to earn your trust. Your input plays a crucial role in shaping our future updates. We’re currently preparing a series of hotfixes to address immediate concerns with further support coming soon.

Thank you for being with us, and be sure to vote for the campaigns you’d like to see! Wololo!

So when you say 3 more campaigns you mean that’s all you will be bringing or that’s only what you will bring with the next patch and you will bring more in later patches?

I don’t think that person’s a dev. I think he’s just copy/pasting the post from elsewhere.

Right ok. I thought they might know something because they are an “Age Insider”.

The vote will end on june 2, but they don’t say when the campaigns will be add to the game.

I have no idea… but everything could be…

Maybe it wouldn’t take long…it would be in the summer around there…July, maybe August…