No landmark victory

I usually start my mornings with a game of AOE4
I’m playing skirmish, with Conquest + Sacred victory
The last two days, I couldn’t finish my game with conquest.
Playing against two AI opponents on Medium, teamed up.

I had destroyed everything but still hadn’t won.

I might have missed something, but since it happened two days in a row, I am starting this thread.
Apologies that I do not have pictures, og more data. Today I just quit cause it wasn’t going my way… :sweat_smile:

I have found you have to essentially camp units on destroyed landmarks because enemy villagers will return after it has been destroyed and rebuild, which takes away from the number of landmarks you have destroyed. I find it truly annoying but I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

I know! What I do, is I build a castle or two, in their town, then move on to the next. Can also be a tower.

Unfortunately what tends to happen now, is I just quit the game when things get too drawn out. Seems I*ve destroyed every landmark, but it doesn’t seem to count. Did the AI become better at rebuilding their civilization, or is there actually something wrong? Cause I’m not sure. I think I’ll play something else for a while…