No Landmarks mode?

No landmarks mode? I find the whole landmark thing overly complicated. I not asking to remove landmarks. But I would love to play AOE 4 with a AOE 2 feel. A new game mode with no landmarks.

Victory Conquest Condition. Destroy all villagers, military units and production buildings. Simple. No crazy landmark shenanigans. Simply buff the civs since there’s no landmarks. Standard Victory: Wonder Time down, Relic Victory. (this can be kept) Control all sacred sites.

I find when I age up in this game I just see a massive wall of text with every landmark I have to make. It makes the game confusing and overly complicated.

With such a no landmark mode. We could play Nomad/Europe Diplomacy, and other wild scenarios without all these crazy landmarks getting in the way.

use the advanced settings mode, have you looked at it? either way, you’re saying aging would be done at the town centres like in 2? its not going to make the game more like aoe2 anyway. it doesnt change how different the civs are or how different units interact compared to 2.

lets say you get your personal bispoke wish “for reasons”, whats next? someone says charge should be removed to make it more like aoe2? and brace? what about adding terrain advantages? changing the docks? MAA shoudlnt be so good, lets make them weaker, like 2?

you get my point?

play english if you think landmarks are too complicated

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truly wondering what you expect to achieve here, is it that wrong to have preference different to yours? cuz thats the message this gives
PS: i’m keenly aware what dealing with self centric individuals is like, but this is not the way to handle it, if anything this is equal to pouring gasoline to put out a fire

Those are threads are somewhat irrelevant here. I have posted on AOE 4 before… but a long time ago. Plus I do keep up with AOE 4 news.


I’m going to report you, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Is not the first time you have deslegitimised someone just because he is also user of AoE II or any other game. It’s very unrespectful to just put a pic with user’s posts simply to discredit him.

Everyone can share his thoughts, if you don’t agree just give a counter argument of why you think this idea is bad, but please don’t be that toxic.


I honestly don’t know what is so “crazy” or “complicated” about landmarks in general. Most of them are not that complicated: a super-keep, super-tc, etc. The House of Wisdom is probably the most “complicated”, as there is only one and it has upgradse unlocking the next age. And wall of text? Those three lines?

I rather suspect you don’t like AoE4, as you stated want more of an “AoE2” feel. You know what has that? AoE2. I can understand not liking AoE4, but trying to force it to change until it is like a mod of AoE2 is not the way. I like how it has its own character and mechanics. I don’t need AoE2 in 3D. We already have that game.


you point out what infraction I supposedly committed

This mod is exists. 20 char.

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This is standard behavior from this particular user. As far as the landmarks go, you can turn off landmark victory but obviously you still need to use them to go up the age. I get that it’s a little confusing but it is a different game then aoe 2 so not everything is going to be the same.

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I don’t see any difficult in how use landmarks for aging up… If you are able to read!
If you intend that you don’t want landmark victory there is mod for that


I though exactly same, when I read opening post

The landmarks provide special bonus or are superior version of standard building… Nothing overcomplicated here

The landmarks are asociated with aging system, what is esential feature of AoE4

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