No latest update (43871). Bought the game on Microsoft Store

I checked the microsoft store for updates (Downloads and updates → Get updates). No updates found to the game.

I can launch the game but the Multiplayer lobby shows no games.

Thanks for your help in advance


same thing happens to me, if anyone can help, well appreciated

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Microsoft store pushes updates slowly to all regions compared to steam. Give your pc a reboot and try tomorrow

I uninstalled the game and redownloaded the whole game (all 42 gb). Now its updated. Only solution i believe. I remember this happened for an earlier update too.


Downloading the Xbox app from Microsoft store and checking for updates will show you the update (1gb file).

I just checked this on another system that didn’t update from Microsoft store.

As mentioned from the following link

Anybody got latest update from Microsoft store? - #17 by slickrickslick

Same here , I have to download Xbox App.
Which is really ridiculous.
Frustrated with the Dev Does not Annouce anything on official and the Twitter account.
I can not believe this is a game belong to Microsoft.
I had the original aoe3 on steam but I decided to Buy on MS Store whitout any discount.
Now seems I was wrong.
Public Preview only on STEAM.
Update First on STEAM.
Now Stupid bug on MS Store.

MS you said MS Store becomes better on Windows 11 ??
Who believes?

Devs Where are you ?
No helps , No annoucement , No applogies , No Explanation.

Finnaly I got the soulution is here from community.

I would agree with that statement, definitely the wrong choice.
Unfortunately, the MS Store is just inferior to Steam in every way, from what I’ve seen so far.

I finally got one PC updated to 43871 after removing and reinstalling (without using Xbox app). On the other PC I installed AoE III DE on yesterday ‘get updates’ still doesn’t find the update. I submitted ‘feedback’ on the MS Store in the hope that MS might actually fix it.

Thanks Sanblast7. I used Xbox App to update (after checking that it still isn’t in MS Store). For anyone else reading this, to clarify what is referred to here is not Xbox Console Companion app, nor the Xbox Game Bar app which comes with Windows 10, but the ‘Xbox App’ for PC that you have to download and install.
It confused me for a while (I didn’t know that third app existed).