No May PUP for a much-needed balance update?

USA, Ottos, & Lakota getting their FREELO for months and still, nothing to expect all the way now in May, like, at all?


I guess there is no update until DLC is released. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Safe to say we’re getting one soon. May should still be expected given that, you know, it’s not May yet.


Lakota?? What they got in the past to become Freelo??


The last update was in January? After these four months, a huge update should be released, not just bug and balance patches.




Unfortunately it does not mean PUP is coming.
This branch is updated daily for the last month or two. Maybe PUP is coming or maybe devs are just uploading DLC content to this branch and we will not see it until DLC release.


Just check the win rates. It could be unintended changes but more than likely it’s just that more people got their hands on the civ and certain BOs. Right now the WH start is extremely fast and powerful and the eco behind it doesn’t disappoint.

They can get many cetan bows and war clubs non-stop with a good age-up time to boot. If you go eco even a little it’s basically auto-lose.

I’m fairly certain they just buff Otto every time someone complains about them, its the only explanation


If we look at the numbers its aztec that is the outlier rather then the other 3 civs

the US’s number at 2000+ rating is more likely due to a single person(certain someone) considering its only 300 games. the 1400-1700 is also pretty good as well but other then that its pretty average

considering the low number of games for lakota it feels more like people are not yet adapting to new builds rather then it being too strong. There hasnt been a good pressure civs (bring back russia) for a while and people are not having cards that play well to pressure (like militia)

The meta seems to be shifting back towards early aggression so unless its sustained for a while people will just side cards and strats against it like before.

edit: if anything according to these numbers its china and aztecs that are up for nerfs again


My suggestions for nerfing Ottoman:

Abus once again has a cadence of 3.5 per second.

During age II the abus has a lower tolerance to projectiles (0.10, but it is restored with the veteran upgrade).

The TCs cost 600 wood again, (it affects all civilizations, but generally other civilizations can send a wagon). So this would be a sufficient nerf for the Ottoman TC boom.

The Humbaraci have 15% fewer base resistance points, but the Ulufelis upgrade gives it an additional 0.05 siege tolerance to compensate.

I don’t consider anything else with the Ottomans to be unbalanced.


Isn’t this game about Otto-main, then partly American capitalism.
and then rest are just side characters ?


Seems like Lakota players figured out that their civ has infantry.
And aside from that there’s also a lot of Stagecoach play with them which is really powerful with a ranked pool that lacks any non-TP maps


Clear example of how useless the nerfs were, as Aztecs are still overperforming in supremacy. They need nerfs focused on early agression, not on final stats or lategame


Yes, the change to the arrow knight is one of those useless changes.


eh tbh i have tried the aztec rushes, its fine but it loses to anyone that can hold a defense.

again I think the problem is that the meta in 1v1 has been FI and greed for a good chunk of time that people arent preparing for aztec rushes

aztec is also very punishing to civs that take their time to setup , like Japan which is their best matchup

we also have to take into account that there has been some evidence for smurfing with aztec, with accounts that just play nothing but aztecs to climb the ladder.

instructions unclear, nerfed erks again. Also coyote are now heavy infantry.


Because Aztec almost all units are underperform…got 4 continuous patches nerf. This is stupid.
The main problem is only Maya x2… once Maya is defended, means Aztec almost lose. Thats why they are low winrate in high elo.

I just stay my 1v1 elo around 1200~1300, ppl are still 4 torps for second card, Lakota build full of warhut around base, when I am rushing with Haud. It is not surprised in these ranges they can’t defend Aztec stronger rush.

so you’re saying the solution is to make maya 3x


Why not infinity?

20 chara