No more Stragger trees laming

Information from the public update beta

Btw, this is a vietnamese nerf

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That’s sad. Yet another cool aspect of the game removed :frowning: . Kinda weird that they even spent time on this tbh, it is such a minor thing in the whole mess of things that are actually broken…

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Wait, you can still remove straggler trees with villagers. But not at distance: a villager has to go to the foundation and hammer it.

So you can still use foundations for breaking walls

Yeah, but it was funny to remove the straggler your friend (enemy) was chopping :slight_smile: kinda takes out a funny dumb thing you used to be able to do, even though it was basically useless

Or, you know, could screw over the opponent massively to the point of an instant loss because you had just chased them off wood with your first few military units and they don’t have enough in stock to make another lumbercamp.

That is very rare tho. At least I do not recall being able to cripple someone with it very often. Certainly has happened, but mostly just a funny trick to show to noob friends :smiley: