No new arrangement for Noddinagushpa in The African Royals?

Each Age of Empires III expansion adds a new type of culture, accompanied by an arrangement / modified version of the song Noddinagushpa, depending on which culture you choose in the Home City the song will alternate.

European Civs and United States = Noddinagushpa
Native Civs = Geldovamagushpa (The WarChiefs)
Asian Civs = Baktumagushpa (The Asian Dynasties)
African Civs = Noddinagushpa ?? (The African Royals)

I don’t know about you, but I would have liked an arrangement dedicated to African civilizations, to give the DLC some more flavor, I know I may be being picky at extreme levels, but it’s those little details that add up and immerse you in a new experience and environment. Tell me, would you like a new arrangement for African Home Cities?


Agreed. I was rather disappointed to hear the menu music for European civs playing for the Hausa and Ethiopians. Maybe they’ll add a new theme for the African civs in a patch?


We also didn’t get a new intro like in other iterations, nor official images or campaigns :frowning:


I was definitely hoping for the new african themed intro music. Sad top know its not there. :frowning:


hoped for something similar to African Kingdoms in AOE2

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