No recorded games? No ELO rating?

Are these features at least planned? Pretty important for competitive gaming imo.

spectator mode and elo rating are both planned. Don’t think recording games is, probably not as easy to implement.

Ok cheers, would have been happy to wait a month or two for recorded games but understand it would have been a fresh build (wasn’t in the original) - just a little disappointed.

I’m sorry to hijack your thread but I need some help. I can’t create threads of my own so I have a couple of questions:

  1. Why can’t I create threads?

  2. Who the ■■■■ is SvelterPenny568? I did not create this account, this forum just logs me in as “SvelterPenny568” every time I click log in. I would never make a name like this, my name is always something with “Dave” in it.

  3. How can I delete this forum username and create a new one? I’ve searched the entire forum, my profile, everywhere I can think of, and I can’t find a way to delete this.

  4. A few days ago I somehow managed to navigate to SvelterPenny568’s xBox profile where I changed the name to “Dayveypoop”, which is the name I see when I start AoE:DE, but on the forum it still logs in as SvelterPenny568.

You needed to create xbox account to register. When I saw that it was wanting to use the random generated name, I just changed the xbox name before registering for the forum.

I don’t know how names are changed, maybe ask an admin.

You have to make 5 posts before you can create a thread. Annoying, but not as annoying as bots filling the entire forum list with spam, hence the new rules :slight_smile:

Alright man, thanks for the help. It says this account was created on 9 Feb, which I think is the first time I visited this website (first time I heard about the Age of Empires remake as well, this game has bad marketing!).

I guess it gave me a random name… a random name which makes no sense and which I do not like.

u are so right

Recorded games would be a nice feature to have and I assume could also help to reproduce issues (i.e. pathfinding, crashes, etc.). Additionally it wouldn’t change any of the classic gameplay elements.

Yes, 2 major things to multiplayer game.

I want this feature too…I dont know a better way to help me improve the skills.

Hopefully the Devs will keep us updated as to when the Elo system will be coming out.