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Well I guess this has been brought up often but since nothing has been done I allow myself to grumble. It’s just unacceptable on a game like this!!! It happens when you play (it ALWAYS happens when you win of course, which makes you think of an exploit bug) that the game crashes for no reason, leaving an insert with “NO RESULTS”. If it weren’t for that it wouldn’t matter, it’s just a lost game, the problem is that it makes you lose ELO, even if you win the game, of course the players who do this bug exploit are often mediocre and therefore it costs you A LOT of ELO, and can ruin your whole afternoon of games. You have 10 wins, 1 NO RESULT game, and you still lost elo. So THANKS FOR FINALLY doing something!!! It’s not that hard ! The bug lasts since the beginning of the game! If you can’t identify the reason for the bug, make sure players don’t lose ELO when it happens!!! How can such stupidity happen in a competitive game like this?!


Hey @UltreiaVII. Sorry to year you had this happen. Can you describe your crash a bit more? Did you crash to desktop, get an error, a disconnection, etc.

Please next time this happens contact support with your warnings.log file. Much appreciated!

I agree this is really annoying. I won the two games I played yesterday and both ended up with no result, something about it couldn’t retrieve the data or something. Everyone resigned normally and I didn’t crash to desktop or anything, so it’s not like someone cheated or hacked. This needs to be fixed.


Same issue, cant finish one game


It is not really a bug but an exploit. People actively use it to desync games. Although the score is not included in game the ELO calculation on the background is still executed.

It is highly frustrating as this is clearly on the rise. People more actively start to use this exploit. You can report the game as mentioned by SavageEmpire566 but I also spoke with AshleyLynn on discord and she said you can also use the in game report functionality. It does not matter if you don’t know who caused it: just report the game to give the devs more data.

Unfortunately there seems to be no anti-hacking programming in place. This gives people with ill intent free roam and that is what you are describing here.

Indeed, even hostile players scolded me in private because he thought I blew up the house

Well to be precise I don’t crash, it’s the game (for everyone) that crashes. So it has nothing to do with my computer, my setup or anything like that.
As you can read I’m far from being the only one, it’s even fairly certain that everyone who has played a minimum of quick games has already encountered it.
Here’s how it goes: The game ends abruptly, and everyone is sent to the results screen where you can see that there is “no result”. Nobody can write in the common chat at this time. Then, no matter what you do (whether you click quit or replay) your game suddenly shuts down and you have to restart it.
Again, this certainly has nothing to do with player setup.
I want to make it clear again that this NEVER happens in the early or mid game, only that this one is definitely won.
I have already played several hundred games and I have already encountered this bug exploit dozens of times.

PS: The exploit bug I’m talking about only concerns quick games, in the custom game there is another problem which absolutely does not seem to come from the dishonesty of the players which means that, after a game has ended normally (this which is not the case of the bug exploit that I denounce) the results screen displays “no results”. In this case the game doesn’t even appear in the history ; it’s something completely different.

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Yup, got it. I just wanted to be sure this wasn’t something different. We’re very much aware that this is a problem. For now, when you see this, please report the players in game or contact support.