No sound (music and all gameplay sounds) in an online game

Game Version:

  • Build : 101.101.33059.0 4403463
  • Platform : Steam


In an online game I hosted, I lost all the game sounds (music included).
Note that I still had sounds from other application still on (ex. voice chat in steam was still ok).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the game : sound is ok.
  2. Create a lobby : sound is ok.
  3. Start the game : sound is ok.
  4. 1 seconds in : poof no sounds !

I checked if the volumes were ok in the option menu, everything was at 100%. I tried to reset to default, but it changed nothing.

Happened twice in about ~10 games. Had to restart the game to have sound.

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I have this too. Any fix?

I have this problem, too - Since the last bigger update. Any News on that?