No Steam Trading Cards or Point Shop Items - Please Add!

Dear Developers and AoE Staff,

All of your games have Steam trading cards for badges and point shop items like emoticons. I was expecting at launch that this game will have all these extras for Steam users since the rest of the franchise has them. Hopefully you add them at a later date. It’s the first AoE game without these perks. Maybe it would be great to have a special Game Profile for AoE 4 like the one for Civ VI.

Age of Empires 2 DE only has static profiles and no avatars nor avatar frames. May the Wololo be with us, bless us with avatars, avatar frames and animated backgrounds both profile and mini this time for AoE IV.

Good day and thank you for hearing me out. Wololo


No reasonable person could disagree with you. Wolololo


I am always whit people who ask more content.


Beyond those secondary content they come the day after the launch of the game, it is best to wait for tomorrow or next week. AoE 3 DE came out on October 15th and received its Steam items on the 16th night.

Forza 5 from the same publisher Xbox Studios already got its trading cards before launch. No excuses for AoE 4 this is AAA rts game. Okay we’ll see if this game gets any trading cards and point shop items. Really good core gameplay but all the features are unfinished, unpolished and unrefined. I think they don’t have any Q/A team for the game.

Oh dear, if only the lack of the Steam cards was the main problem of the game…

Season 1 starting, please add steam trading cards and point shop items too. This is the only AoE game that doesn’t have those.


Thank you devs for listening. Steam Trading Cards finally coming this Oct 25!!

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