No support for Shift+Mouse Button 4/5 hotkeys?

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.32911.04395365
  • Platform: Steam


I assigned Shift+Mouse Button 4 and Shift+Mouse Button 5 to hotkeys (e.g. Select all Town Centers, Open Diplomacy), and while they do get recognized in the menu upon binding them to an action, they won’t do anything during a game.
Shift+Middle Mouse Button on the other hand works just fine. So apparently there is support for ‘Shift+Mouse Button’ up to MB 3 (MMB), but not MB 4 and MB 5?

Would be great if support for this could be added in the future!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Assign Shift+Mouse Button 4 or 5 to any function in the Hotkeys menu
  2. Try to execute the assigned action during a game (won’t work)

I confirm that the bug is still here in the very last version (101.101.35584.04714640).

I found this isse a year ago and tried again last week and same issue =(.

I hope Microsoft will address this soon.