No TC starts + Villager fights

Can we please introduce something to limit the vill fights on nomadic maps like Nomad and Mountain pass? I hate the vill fights before the TC is up? On higher level this is kind of an unwritten rule. On lower levels, you have vill fights in almost every game. I thing this needs to stop.

A way to fix this: Give villagers no attack before the TC is up. I dont know if this is the best way to stop this issue. Maybe we have to come up with another solution.


Yes I know, we should give bonuses like the ones below for this

Magyars : Villagers have +1 attack
Berbers : Villagers move 20% faster instead of 10% faster
Chinese & Mayans : Extra Villagers once again from the start
Mongols, Tatars and Huns : Villagers shoot like Hunters while attacking (3 range, melee damage)
Goths : Have Supremacy researched from the Dark Age

Actually, know what, we should make them all team bonuses
Now imaging a Team of Mongols, Goths, Chinese and Berbers.
let the fun begin

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I hope you are sarcastic :clown_face:


DE has seemed to eliminate this and other measures of ‘good form’ in my experience. Not that I’m high level, but the vil fighting went up exponentially at my level when you removed a way to ignore the players who did it and let them pick civs without seeing it. Didn’t see it much on HD or Voobly. Because we could punish that behavior by not playing those players again.

Simply by giving people a way to say no to playing certain people, you’d see an immediate decrease in people vil fighting or cheating.


There’s also an influx of new players that no idea what the etiquette is. Voobly was a smaller community and the ladder system indeed help create this sense of “community” that you kinda adapt to belong or you may be excluded.
Matchmaking is more inclusive and difficult to establish a sense of expected behaviour. Also, vill fights are a legit mechanic at any other map.

Walling the vills whilst building the TC might be a way to protect them from vill fights.

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We need to allow Villagers to rediscover the power of their hunter bow and do ranged melee damage with it
That’s the solution

Also free Supremacy for Goths from Dark Age.

HD had a larger community and still had the same etiquette in regard to vil fighting above lower levels. I don’t think it’s the new players. It’s the removal of any incentive to not do it.


I dont really know which community was bigger. Yes, the number of players at HD was bigger, but HD was know for many SP players. For this issue you have to look at MP. I dont know if HD really was bigger.

What really makes a difference: At HD and Voobly you only played Nomad games if you choice to play them. Now sometimes you cant really ban this map every game if you also dont like other maps. Some players who dont really like Nomad start playing the map. They dont seems to care about the etiquette. In the end most players start to quit the etiquette.

I dont think this kind of maps are made to be decided by the vill fights before the TC is up and running.

This could certainly be at play as well. Not to mention if you were to draw Nomad at random, be unhappy about it and decide to try and end the game immediately rather than play out, since there is no way to opt out in matchmaking right now.

But I think some method of establishing etiquette should be implemented into the game for players to have. The last measure of defending etiquette was eroded away with the removal of the grace period.

There is no incentive to not be toxic in the game now. I think most people on here fail to see that.

In either case, it’s quite sad. When playing I now always ban it, just because of vil fights and the map gen.

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Instead of this, they should start with a cobra car 11

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But OP wants Villager fights to be more fun, so yea Goths should get Free supremacy from the Dark Age as a team bonus

And lets change the Spanish to the below, and have fun in the early game!

Spanish (Gunpowder and Monk civ)

Civ Bonuses:

  1. Start with a Conquistador, not Scout Cavalry.

Team Bonuses:

Mbl’s wet dream

I wanted to make a new thread about this subject and this thread pop up as " Your topic is similar to…". So instead of creating a new thread, i just revive my own old thread. Seems like i was thinking about the same a year ago.

For years we had the unwritten rule of no vill fighting before the TC is up on Nomad. With the new influx of players at DE, we lost this rule. So nowadays vill fighting is pretty common. As result nomad starts sometimes result in to a resign before TC are build.

To me it looks like we can bring back this etiquette pretty easily by just change the damage output of villagers before the TC is up to 0.

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This would be a problem - player A gets his tc up with 3 vills, player B is slower to get tc up with 1 vill or just took a long time to find a decent spot, etc - player A attacks player B while he’s still building and player B loses due to no attack on his vills.


Four minutes treaty might be the easiest. I think I only quit one because of vill attacks but I have been delayed trying to get around other players.


Yeah, we already have the Treaty option in the game and it would be perfect to apply it to maps with a Nomad start. Also, already in ranked games settings can differ per map - on Black Forest, the map visibility is set to Explored.


I don’t personally do it, but also see no problem to it. This is a war game if taking someones boar or sheep, towering the gold, tc drop are acceptable then there should be no problem with vill fights. If you walk up on two vills thats their luck as much as yours. Not much of a dif if you drush. Just use the other vills to build a tc and know that your not at that big of a disadvantage. Also how is the other player to know when you put a tc up.

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Why does everyone wanna remove every fun thing about the game???
First it was trushing, then the celt drush, then the noboru rush and now you guys wanna kill laming and nomad vil fighting as well?
Do you really think, playing against the exact same strategy 30 times in a row is fun?


But how do you then combat players dropping their TC too close to yours with a civ with bonuses? You just have to accept being douched from minute one because that’s how the cards came down?

I think we should instead do something about LOS in dark age non-TC starts. If we made it so players can see the enemy from further away they’ll have more time to quickwall out any aggression and waste an attacker’s time in a villfight.

Uh. losing a vill that early is almost surely loosing the game. So losing a vill is kind of equal to just give up in the first minutes. There is a reason why most tournaments with nomad starts will ban vill fighting before the TC is up.

You lost 1/3 of your eco from the start. That is pretty huge. Getting constant vill production is much harder too after losing a vill, so you might end up even more vills behind and you are also behind because you can only build your TC with 2 vills, the enemy with 3, so he will start making vills more earlier.
A drush might hit you around 20 vills, so if you loose a vill to the drush, then you are just losing 1/20 of your eco. The damage of a drush is very much less then the lost villager due to vill fighting in the nomad games.

Not sure what you meant with fun… Is it fun to just win the game in 2-3 minutes, because you are an asshole that starts to vill fight? Vill fights before the TC is up has nothing to do with strategy at all…

What mostly happens if there is a vill fight:
2 vills spawned next to each other. One player just spotted this a fraction quicker and start the vill fight. That is most likely luck based. That has nothing to do with execution a great strategy.

So i dont really understand your comparison with for example the trushing. That is just a strategy and i have no idea why it is nerfed so hard.

I dont really think you also see the same strat over and over again on nomad. Nomad is kind of the chaos map, you dont know what to expect, you dont no how close everyone is. As result Nomad is one of the maps with lots of strategies. Vill fighting is just killing the map, so you cant execute those strats.

Such things seems pretty much what people like about Nomad. You will never really know what to expect. You can be really close towards your enemies, but you can also be really far away.

If two TCs are pretty close, then most likely both didnt really know. For being douched, it is most likely they deleted their own TC and rebuild it again (in which case you can just fight back as normal). The douche is just a legit strat that can be executed on other maps as well. It might be a bit more popular on Nomad, but i dont really have the issue with that.

Nomad is pretty much a chaos map where everything can happen. That makes the map also great. Based on your spot and the spots of the enemy(s) you see different strategies.

Give this man a medal! They didn’t even nerf those, they nerfed the Persian TC drop by removing the dark age TC work rate from Persian which is actually a nerf for the douche. I don’t know how people find going every single game with more than 35 civs in the same strat is fun?! All people do the same, going with their stupid M@A into archers or their stupid scouts into knights, all people do this with 35 civs!!! This is not funny at all, and this is why until now, I have never played a normal game or meta, I always go yolo all-in crazy stuff, because the current meta is so boring.

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