No voiceover in campaign, in game nor documentary movies

I’m having the strangest bug on the gamepass version.

All other audio is playing but not the voiceover. I’ve looked through all audio and accessibility setting and everything seems fine. I only realised because I watched the Giant Bomb quick look and was really impressed by the story narration, well that and when the movie started playing and the lady’s mouth was moving but there was no voice. Music and FX were playing fine though, oddly.

So far I’ve updated my drivers, updated windows, run sfc scan, rebooted. Next step is an uninstall and reinstall.
Any tips?


Hey there, when you mention the mouth moving, are you meaning during one of the live-action cinematic scenes here where you hear audio, but not voice? If so, you might want to try disabling the 4K video assets (if you have them enabled), and if that doesn’t work, reinstalling should hopefully get you set up and good to go.

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Hi BoxShark. Yes during the cinematic scene. I did not install the 4K assets but I’m currently doing a reinstall. Thanks for the response. I’ll report back with the result.

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I’m having the exact same issue, reinstalling didn’t work and neither has to disableing the 4k assets. :frowning:

I did some more troubleshooting and this was the solution I found:

I am using a blue yeti microphone and it has a headphone jack that I was using to play all of my audio through. I plugged my headphones directly into my compter’s motherboard headphone jack and it fixed the issue. Though it is very frustrating that age of empires 4 seems to not like my microphone for audio playback, I guess ill just have to plug it into my motherboard while I’m playing. sigh

Hope this helps you at least! try a different audio jack or switch your audio input.


Same problem here! Slightly more interestingly, the narrator’s voice just disappears when I want to play with headphones. I can get the sound from my audio output (soundbar). Changing the corresponding sound setting to “wide”, “compressed” or “midnight” does not solve the problem.

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I almost attempted your solution but when I went to unplug my headphones I discovered they weren’t plugged in well enough. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a loss of a particular channel because the headphones weren’t plugged in well enough. So, totally my fault, but weird nonetheless. All my other audio from other apps worked just fine, or so I thought.

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Okay resolved, oddly similar issue in the end.

I also did the reinstall, to no avail. Apparently all of the audio doesn’t want to work through my external usb sound card dongle for my logitech headset. Plugged into the 3.5 mm port on top of my case and works just fine. Sadly can’t use the mic on my headset now though.

Thanks for the advice.


Thank you so very much for the additional details and troubleshooting you all mention here in the thread. This is all great information and I’ll be forwarding this along to our team for investigation.


This could be a cause!
I played the first mission yesterday without my headset and I had voiceover. Today, I played with my Logitech G633 plugged in USB and I had music but no voiceover.

I have the same problem. It was working with my headset but after a couple missions cinematic and in game narrator voice gone. I’m also playing on gamepass

For me, I updated my audio driver, which fixed the problem.

My Videos have no Narration?

Did 2 missions and thought it was strange there was no voice over like int he first mission, played the crossbow video no voice just sound effects, same with first video again, whats going on?

EDIT: Found the issue. I have an arctis 7 wireless headphones and it has a game/chat mixer sound output setting. so in all cases i have it set to default which is sound coming through Arctis Game but in AO4 for some reason now narrator voice will only play it i’m outputting via the Arctis 7 Chat output. This is very strange.

I had the same problem with all the sound working correctly except the narration. For me the narration doesnt work if i use wireless headphones. But works through standard laptop speakers.

I’ll admit I’m currently having this problem with Gundam Evolution but opposite: No narration when I’m playing with my 7.1 speakers, but just fine with headphones. When I eventually take the time to figure out why, I’ll post here what I discover :laughing:.

That said, if anyone does have this problem with Age IV, don’t hesitate to contact support.