NOB faster than infantry?

How is it possible that Nest of Bee moves atleast as fast as infantry? I hope in AOE 5 they make infantry with stronger legs so units can catch NOB and horses can catch villagers

Still no nerf of Nest of Bees. I guess otherwise Chinese civ would be complete ■■■■

the game gets boring and boring I surrendered at mid game its better to lose rather than wasting 30min in imperial, fighting against unbalanced units!!!

Please fix!!1

What ELO are you playing in?

not necessary to know what his rank/elo to know he’s wrong. All infantry move at 1.12 tiles/s or FASTER; the fastest NOB is slower than 1.12 tiles/s… NOW the real issue is that torch/melee damage ONLY occur while the unit is stationary…

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I didn’t say his ELO was necessary to refute his claim. :sweat_smile:

So NoB is slower than infantry. You yourself have closed the thread. Remember that you can trap the unit with your units.

Are you using module?I believe your friend who hosted the game might had one.

No it isn’t. Its faster because of dynasty speed buff that chinese get.

exactly how this could be possible? its a complete nosense

also why the animation of destroying siege is the same as destroying building? Relic could not afford a new animation? microsoft is not paying enough?

lazy people studio

So does melee not work like ranged does where they get an extra volley or two outside their max range just cause of animations? Cause I heard a similar thing with Horsemen vs Villagers.

this game has a TARGET AQUIRED system; where by if the game says you’ve locked on; it doesnt matter if it steps outside your range YOU’LL hit!!

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you’re right mangonel can hit horses even if they are many tiles away. Magic of RTS

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Go and search for the patch notes for the major update for season one. Also, you haven’t played Chinese Civilization. Identification is completed!

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