Nobody ever pointed how dumb and gamebreaking this is?


/not a plastic league problem but I have seen doing this ,top, 10 players on leaderboard and tried myself among high elo players/

Oh yes its about French trade, which is specially in combination with Chamber of Commerce (not a big deal to delay your first knight + save 300w on double stable) …

Of course we talk about maps like Mountain, French pass, Danube river or maybe even The Pit or Boulder Bay (maps with neutral markets are way better from obvious reasons)

Not only it completely ruins entire in-game economy (aka best late-game villagers for FR are 0 on food, 0 on wood and also both 0 on gold+stone)

But also breaks entire gameplay (HA spamm or Chinesse 12t bombards painfull flashbacks are coming back)

Imperial age takes about 13m to hit with this and since that it is up to you what to do next … u can rush wonder within 3 minits or u can just start spamming keeps with stables or siege workshops (I had games with over 50 keeps)

Right after u can start pushing with cannons, ribal. or even with royal culverins

MOST BROKEN aspect of this trade is that u are allowed to change resource on every single trader and its changed in a second (you dont lose gold or u are not forced to go back into market to grab resource again)

So do u need 5k food? nice just click on 10 traders close to your market who carry gold and switch them to food …

Also is worthy to mention u need to know how to start trade properly (luckily like 80% of playerbase have no clue how to get resources via first trip already)

All u need is like 40 villagers to keep making keeps on frontline with some kind of support or u have enough resources to make wonder behind all of that (or start sending tons of resources to your friends)

With upcoming rankeds into TEAMGAMES am calling it now …

This will be the most annoying feature (next to drophackers) and nightmare to play against on every ELO …

HERE IS 12s VIDEO for a poeple who dont understand: French trade (exploit?) - YouTube

Oh yes and also look on screenshot … its ez to push 1v2 with such economy and options

So yeah I dont understand how on earth nobody ever mentioned this on forum or Reddit …



Do not allow player to switch between resources literally 1s before they are deployed into market