Nomad FFA Strategies

I’m just curious what people do for Nomad FFA strategy, what civs, and why.

  • do you scout with your vils for a perfect location?
  • do you plop down economic buildings right away?
  • do you gather your vils together first before settling down?
  • what happens if your area is already taken or you’re sandwiched between opponents?

From my experience you want to build your TC ASAP. I choose location where one of my vills are spawned, its important to have food. In opposite to AoE 2 wood is not so important to be right next to TC. You want to make TC quikcly to make scouts immediatly (vills isnt great in scouting), so you can denying evenutally TCs of enemies close to you.

I also sending all my vills to build yhis TC and keep them together. Single villager chopping food or mining gold is extremly easy target for scouts. So, for me, making eco drop building in different location at the start is a waste.

So this is my approach on the start in Nomad FFA witch is the greatest way to enjoy the game right now IMHO.

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