Nomad Treaty - The Orange Box Problem

The orange box is a massive issue to competitive gameplay on Nomad. It’s completely unfair and unbalanced that you can know where an opponent TC is without seeing the opponents TC with your villager LOS.

My fix for this issue is - orange box shouldn’t appear until your villager sees the opponent TC with their own LOS, triggering the orange box.

I don’t think anyone likes the orange box and have heard nothing but negative feedback about this.

Also for lobby games we should have the option to turn it off. I am hosting a Nomad tournament and this is now a part of the gameplay where as before you could turn the treaty on or off.


Agreed. The only problem is when people try to build within an enemy box they cannot see yet. Will they get an error message? Because that would also give it away.

But at least not as egregiously as it is revealed now

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Perhaps it could be something cinematic - first time you see the orange box it shows the whole tc’s line of site before reverting to being darkened